Life in Kansas

Christian Weilert looks at what the state of Kansas means to poets.

This journal is part of a series titled "Bright Dreams". It is the first of the series. It includes 10 poems about the state of Kansas, which depicts nature, small towns, and fishing.

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Looking Glass: Contemporary Poetry

Looking Glass

Words printed in books can change lives. This book doesn't do that, but it can open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you, the beauty of your history, and the beauty of words.

This is the second poetry book written by Gary R. Hess and includes many never before published sonnets and other poems.

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The Short and the Tall

What happens when a giraffe meets a beaver in a wildlife park? Well, it could have started off a little better than it did with these two. The giraffe is a bit too proud to make himself an irresistible animal for the beaver to pay attention to. With marvelous vector art illustrations by Gary R. Hess and superb writing by educator Rubeth Arco-Hess, this book will help your child learn a valuable lesson while following the lives of two adorable animals.

This book is perfect for children ages 6-9 with a 3rd grade reading level. It includes a wonderful moral story and a fascinating plot. Don't miss out!

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Poetic Night: A Selection of Poems by Gary R. Hess

Poetic Night: Poems of Captivation

Do you love poetry books? Poetic Night will entice your poetic needs and leave them wanting more. Get your copy of Gary R. Hess's early works today!

Everybody has problems. The life of Gary R. Hess has been no different, but in Gary R. Hess's new book, "Poetic night", he is able to put into words what the rest of us struggle to do every day. Open your mind and enter your soul as you read through this collection of extraordinary poetry.

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